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Need all mama's that have had a homebirth!!!

Please help better inform me so I can better inform DH about having a homebirth! We had went to a homebirth presentation back in July and he was ALL for it but now I'm pregnant he's backing out. All the what-if's are coming about.

I'm not scared of the pain or giving birth at home. My concerns is going past 42 weeks. With my other three children I went over 42 and I always ended up with an induction. What if I go over 42 weeks with a homebirth? How long would a MW let me go? What if my baby dies because of it? I also worry about getting the birth certificate and SS card since it is illegal here in NC to have a MW attend a homebirth.

Has anyone ever started out with an OBGYN and dropped them before having the baby? My husband's side has heart defects and I would like to get some u/s's also but don't know how to go about doing this.. It's just sooo many decisions! I would love to have a homebirth!!
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