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Re: Need all mama's that have had a homebirth!!!

I started with an OB, then left for a midwife, then went BACK to the OB (insurance/$$ issues), then switched BACK to the midwife at 36 weeks!!

You can read all about my homebirth here. Let DH read it and PLEASE PM me with any question. My DH is a huge homebirth advocate and would be happy to answer any of your DH's questions...just in case he needs to hear it from a man's point of view! LOL

ETA: I was 42 weeks to the day when DD made her appearance. I know for a fact the my doctor would have done a C-section (he already told me that that was his plan as I had some pelvic problems and DD was expected to be big) She ended up weighing 10lbs and 4oz, was born in the water, and I didn't have one single tear!!
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