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Re: Joining you ladies :)

I've never used the strips, so don't know how they work, so can't answer your question... but....
YAY! Happy TTC!

The best way to know when you O is by taking your temp first thing in morning - wake up, reach over for your thermometer on your nightstand and take your temp. Don't walk around/get up - this will increase your BBT.

one of my friends had a 29 day cycle. Would DTD around CD 12-20 every other day. Well, they did this for 2 years, no results.

As it turns out, once she started measuring her BBT, it turns out she was ovulating on CD 26!!! So having sex around the completely wrong time!!!

Needless to say, they got preggers right away as soon as they discovered that.

Temp and CM are good indicators.... good luck!!
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