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Alright here is my background
was on the pill from when I was 14-25
went off of it at 25 didnt use any form of birth control
when I was 27 went to infertility specialist at the request of my ob
realized that I didnt ovulate or produce enough hormones to ovulate when on differnent drugs finally got preggo with dd
no birth control after she was born
5/05 went back on fertility medicines got preggo right away had a miscarriage at 12 weeks
9/05 went back on fertility medicines got preggo with ds right away
6//15/06 had ds
7/8/06 went on bcp to try to get my hormones in order and to have regular cycles. dont get them without this or infertility treatments
7/21 got period half way through bcp
8/1 got period again and said the hell with bcp
8/15 had some bleeding dtd sometime around there
yesterday and today woke up bc I had to pee so badly (this is the only symptom I have ever had with all 3 of my prenancies)

I didnt take a test and frankly I am scared to death to do it. I have had extra discharge the last 2 days, not ovulation kind. I never wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night unless I am preggo. Is there any chance that I might be? I am only 10 weeks post pardom, would there be any hcg left in my system that if I did take a test that I could get a false positive?

I need advice before I go nuts

I wouldnt mind being preggo that isnt the problem, I have never done it without the fertility drugs though.

If you read all of this thank you!!!!!
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