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Re: question regarding testing

Well, if you have a typical 28 day cycle (and since you've been on BC, you probably do), then you wouldn't even have ovulated until approx. 2 weeks after AF. I'd say you need to wait about 24-28 days after your last AF started to test and get accurate results. I'm also guessing here, but WHEN in your cycle you missed some days of BC probably makes a difference. If it was mid-cycle - BAD, If it was beginning of cycle, probably not so bad (although I wouldn't advocate it IYKWIM). Also, chances are, if you did conceive, your little embryo isn't quite implanted yet (or is just getting to it now). So experiencing pregnancy symptoms this early would seem unusual. And, on top of that, if you DID take something for your migraine, it probably wouldn't effect the embryo at that point because it hasn't been locked into your circulatory system yet.

Hope that eases your mind at least a little. GL!
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