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Re: Just totally frustrated.. ugh

Jenn, I'm totally there with ya! I feel like this everyday. I don't have any friends, and I've lived here all my life! I get to the point some days where I just want to tell DH and the boys to just leave me alone. I always feel bad about how I feel, but I know that I just need to find an outlet. Of course DH doesn't understand because he works 12 hour shifts, so he gets to remove himself from the house and whatever is going on here...I don't. If you ever want to chat just pm or email me and we can chat away.

One thing I do is take Aedan to daycare one day a week. I feel that this is good for both of us, because he gets to spend the whole day playing with other kids and I get a toddler-free day. If I'm having a really bad week I take Harley too, but not very often since I think he's just a little too young for daycare (9 months).
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