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Originally Posted by Luvmybabies
Well, we think we figured out the source of the ants. Jim is out front breaking up the whole front porch right now. Basically he thinks that the angle of the porch is allowing them to come in there.
So, we will see! Last night I left that bowl of borax, grape jelly and cat food on the floor - no ants this morning except one floating in the bowl. I also saw online that ants will not cross a line of lemon dish soap.... so I squirted it on the floor around the kids beds. I didn't want any in their beds!!!

I'll update after Jim's done breaking up the porch... its gonna be a while, its about 6 inches deep, all cement that runs the whole length of the front of the house.
Well I was just going to post that if you are doing any work outside that wall of the house that is what is probably causing the problem. When we did some landscaping on the back wall of our house two years ago we started getting these big black ants in the house and couldn't figure out what was going on I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom so it wasn't food and then a family member said it was probably from distirbing the dirt. Sure enough it was, we bought some chemical but all we had to do was sprinkle it around the outside of the house where we had done the work, it was granular, and then I think we watered it in. The ants were gone withing 24 hours. So it isn't a non chemical solution but when your DH is done if might be worth putting that stuff all over where he disturbed the dirt otherwise they will probably continue to come in for awhile, mine kept coming for over a week until we finally put the stuff down and we haven't ever had a problem since.

Hope that helps and the ants stay away.

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