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Re: Fenugreek and PCOS

Well I took Fenugreek and met after Kaitlyn was born because my milk was not coming in. I used both to control my hormones and help supply. I personally was never able to produce enough with out help. My experience was while taking the fenugreek and the met I still was craving sugar which is part of IR. Last month I started taking Vitex and since then have not been craving the sugar. Here is link to a website I just read. To me if you are controlling the endocrine system and the pituitary then you control the IR and the progest. as well. This is just my opinion. Here is the link:
Look it up and read some more. There is a lot of information out there. The lady who helped my with my breastfeeding was also pcos and she told me to start taking vitex. Since she had such great success I figured it can't hurt and if it keeps me from having to go back to the infertility dr even better. I hope you find something that works. I am going to read some more on the fenugreek to see if that is something else I should try.
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