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Re: People actually think this???

Sooo many people thing teeth=weaning. I have a good friend, seriously, we're really good friends. She loves me and my kids. But she FIRMLY believes that by 8 weeks an infant can wait long enough for you to go somewhere private to nurse, and that at 4 months you start cereal and by 5 months nursing should be 3x a day, meals 3x/day, plus a snack or 2. If you *must* nurse a full year fine- but a bedtime nursing is plenty by 9 months and at 366 days old babies and breasts don't mix. I am tandem nursing a 3yr old and 11 month old right now, she won't roll her eyes or say anything negative in front of my kids. She respects their feeling far too much. But sometimes in emails or pings or whatever she makes remarks.
Its usually "safe" here and some other AP-type boards, but out in the mainstream world those comments are shockingly common.
Kim, mom of 5
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