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Re: People actually think this???

You sound like a good mom, but this is unintentional child abuse. You are beginning to blur sexual boundaries, and it isn't healthy. At least, not in this culture.
And 200 years ago did our ancestors wean at 12 months, 6 months, 6 weeks? NO! They breastfed for longer. Who is to say WHEN we should wean? Isn't it up to our children when they are ready to stop? How is it blurring sexual boundaries? I'm sure that this 15month old boy is not getting aroused by nursing therefore there's nothing sexual about it at all.

I hate stupid people ... and HATE is not a work I take lightly.

My mother continually says, "you're STILL breastfeeding?!?!" Yes mom, and I will continue to do so until Haley says it's time to stop. I was formula fed so she just doesn't get it.
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