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Purging the closets. What do you do?

DH and I have spent the last couple days purging the house and closets to move everything around and make room for baby. To say that I keep just about everything would be an understatement. I have prom dresses from high school still! So, a lot of it has gone in the garbage and some stuff I'm going to e-bay, but there is a lot of stuff that I know won't really sell on e-bay. Especially clothes - mens suits, women's suits, nice dress shirts and brand name stuff. Most of it is a couple years old at least so not stuff that is in hot demand now.

What do you all do with that kind of stuff? Unfortunately we just had a garage sale about a month ago and dh isn't going to go for another one anytime soon. I'm hoping for one at the end of the year, but can't hold this stuff all till then. Do I send it all to the thrift store? Is it worth the extra trip (about 12 miles) to take stuff like this to a consignment store? I've never taken stuff to one and not really sure if it would get me much money or if it's more of just a pain. Other suggestions? Thanks! I'm really trying to be ruthless and get rid of TONS of stuff, but I tend to get hung up on not wanting to throw away the money spent on stuff (or possibly the money we could get for it) or I have sentimental attachments to stuff.
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