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Update on our family

Hi ladies! I haven't been on here much since we lost Joseph in early July. I just couldn't think about newborn diapers and we had school starting back up and were just very busy. But one of the ladies here saw me on fertility friend and said she recognized me from DS and so I thought I would check back in! It's just been busy here - our youngest has learned to walk and is such a delight! I now have 4 in school instead of just 2 last year! Our almost 3 yr old is potty training so that adds an intersting bit in there.

Well - Here is the scoop ladies:

I tested day before yesterday morning (Thursday) with an IC and it was ever so faintly positive. so I "held it" until 2pm and tested again with an IC - again ever so faintly positive. So at this point I wanted something else to test with so I ran to $tree after my dh went to a church meeting and wrote a note to the cashier that I wanted 3 $ pregnancy tests (didn't want curious kiddos to know - had gotten them each one thing so they were pre-occupied with their thing to notice the cashier put my 3 items in a bag :lol) So off to the house I go. So after "holding it" again until about 7pm then I tested with an IC, $tree and an Answer Early. Again so extremely faint I just wasn't convinced and I wasn't sure the Answer Early really had color - guess I was in disbelief.

So yesterday morning (Friday) I tested with a FRER and $tree and one IC. ALL were positive!!! :woohoo

BUT - I really really wanted to surprise my dh. I've never really gotten to surprise him before sooooo

here is the rest of the story:

I went to town and ate lunch at dh restaurant then went to the mall with the kids and got a cookie for my dh and then ran to wal-mart and got a CBE digi but dh called while I was in wal-mart and was headed there to meet up with me so when I checked out I asked the cashier to just give me the contents of the box and put them in my purse so dh wouldn't see LOL (and curious kiddo eyes too!) Anyway so met dh in wal-mart and sent him to get $ order for rent and to pay it while I ran to the health food store for more vitamins!

Ran home and took digi and hid it, the 2 cards I bought him, and the cake until he got home!

Here are pics!
I got him one of those little personal cookies.

He was very excited! He said "See I told you the other day!" He had put his hand on my belly about a week ago and just pronouced "You're pregnant" out of the blue - I laughed at him at the time! Guess he was right - but he's very excited!

So now I can come back to DS and browse the newborn diapers! I really need to sell of a lot of my FB's and get some snap-ez cause FB's just aren't fitting our youngest very well at all. The snap-ez fit him far better.

so anyway ladies- it's nice to be back - I've come and visited a couple times but not really posted!
~ Christi ~
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