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Re: Urgent Pumping Question! HELP!!

Originally Posted by Katelyn'sMomma
It is a big screaming war everytime I even bring the bottle to her lips! Any one have any advice? I tried Avent bottles (which are supposed to be the closest to the breast) and Dr. Browns. The few times that she has calmed down enough to have it in her mouth, without screaming, she chews up and down on the nipple and can't get her tongue and lips in the right spot. Very frustrating! Especially when I go back to work (max 4 hours each day) in 2 weeks! Good luck on the pumping!!!
I had the same problem with my ds#2 and I finally tried playtex premium nursers and he took the bottle with no problem. With ds#3 I didn't even try any other bottle, but the playtex with the naturalatch nipple! You can also buy the storage things that you can pump right into the dropins and freeze (no tranferring and no wasted milk)! There is a converter in the storage things to work with all pumps!
Good luck! I highly recommend these bottles!
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