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Re: I'm ashamed of myself (re: discipline..long)

((((HUGS))) I think it's wonderful that you want to change your parenting style. My DS is just over 3 and I remember when he was that age and it was so hard because he didn't get it. He wouldn't sit in time out. It was frusterating. I have found that getting down on his level and speaking to him firmly but not yelling can help. I also will take DS to his room for time out. I got tired of fighting over making him sit in a spot because I would get more frusterated and angry so I choose to take him to his room. If I had to I would put the pressure gate across the door and leave him for a few minutes (2-3). I would always go and talk to him about why I sent him to his room and why his behaviour or actions was unacceptable or unsafe.

I still use this method now. I also use the counting to three and we take away priveledges or toys. Rarely do we have to go that far anymore. If DS gets really riled up and nothing seems to work then sending him to his room to calm down really works for us. I also assess the situation to see if he would be tired or hungry.

Sorry for the long rambly post. I just wanted to share what works for us. DS is very active, very stubborn and can be difficult. But he can also be sweet and loving and kind. It all may not work for you but I really wanted to help. I would never flame for your choices your a great mama to recognize that you aren't happy with the way to did something and trying to change it!
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