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Re: People actually think this???

Originally Posted by faerybugmady View Post
This may be a LITTLE off topic here but a 2 year old can pour their own milk from the fridge?????? HA! What a mess! I don't let my 3 year old outside the linoleum kitchen floor or away from the kitchen table with an open cup of milk. She's allowed sippies anywhere else but oh man, no open cup in the living room, much less pouring her own milk. Recipe for disaster.
um...I am 35 and I still spill milk. I just can't seem to always make go in the coffee mug with out a little bit landing on the counter. I always spill some struggling to get the damn seal off the top of a new gallon and there were occasions when I was preggo I would miss the shelf completely as I put it back in the fridge and my cats had a party on the floor from the mess. I am still making adjustments to do a lot of things 1-handed while I have baby nursing on the other arm. Lots of milk, juice whatever spilled doing that. If being able to pour milk equals an independent, mature person who doesn't need mommy, then I really need my MOMMY!!!!

ETA: but I forgot, I have teeth, I can walk and talk, so I guess I can't have my mommy.
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