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Re: Canada Travel Warning

Originally Posted by benjaminsmom View Post
I think that is all they know. DH was watching an old this HR has 22 min the other day and they were in Arkansas I believe and they were asking people to congratulate canada on keeping their igloo parlament buildings from melting... it was pretty funny that ppl actually thought it was true. But the funniest thing was yet to come when they talked to the then govenor Mike Huckabee and got him to say it. LMAO!!!
LOL I love the "Talking to Americans" segments in This Hour Has 22 Minutes. I have the 1 hour special on my PVR, I watch it over and over. What's really funny, is that my American friends that I've shown the Talking to Americans show to, get just as big of a kick out of it as I do. Except my friend in Cleveland who actually asked me "what did diabetics do before they legalized insulin up there?" I still bug her about that to this day.
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