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Re: NYTimes article on breastfeeding READ IT and comment!

Oh, and some of it just has to be a determined effort on the part of the mamma.
I went back to work when my ds was 4 months old and pumped in a bathroom, while sitting on the floor. Granted it was a private, faculty bathroom, but not the ideal experience. I even bought my own refrigerator to keep the milk in, but a cooler would have worked fine too. I pumped the whole school year that way.

Sometimes I feel that going back to work becomes an excuse for some moms that wanted to quit anyway.

Also, my ds' pedi kept telling me to suppliment with formula, imo simply because I was going back to work. I didn't do it, but that was just another way to sabotage the nursing relationship. So, I think that all of these issues are just a reflection of the whole philosophy that our society has about breastfeeding.
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