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So we have been ECing for about ten months now. We haven't had a poopy miss in about nine months. Until today.

DH and I freaked out! Ahhhhh, get her in the tub!!! Oh no, it got on the potty ring ahhhhhhhh! We just did diaper laundry should we just throw the poopy diaper out?? Ohhhh Noooooo!!! Aaaaack! Yuck, it's, like, stuck on there...Don't flush the toilet I'll lose pressure on the sprayer. Quick, I need another wipe!

Then DH said, "It's pretty funny we are freaking out over a poopy diaper isn't it?"

We both just started cracking up. It's been so long we forgot how to change a poopy dipe. You would think we were brand new parents.
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