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Poop in Berry Plush!

You could have knows it was gonna happen and maybe someday this will happen all the time but...My second day of even trying CD, ever. I just got some PF, a couple pockets and a Berry Plush on Friday. Using liners because we won't be in these small dipes forever (hope to maybe resell). Anyway, put a BP on DD a few minutes ago for overnight. Don't know that she's ever pooped in the evening before and she's never done this big a poop before!!! It was on the liner (which had mo ved) as well as the minkee/hemp soaker but I guess I should be glad that it didn't leak! Since I only have a few dipes I kinda needed to wash anyway so I put the BP and a few more in HOT wash right away after swishing. Will I panic everytime I have a poop and wash immediately? Thought you'd all understand and smile at this!

New CDing mom to DD 01/18/06
DS 07/17/03 was sposie'd

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