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Re: I LOVE Fuzzi Bunz, but. . . .

Honestly, I think it is a fairly recent problem (like w/in the last year or so) cause I had borrowed some smalls from a friend when Mikayla was born (she will be 2 in June) and the fb's were 7mos old at the time, all were the same no problem (this was when they all came in white and would have been a real PITA if they had been differant). Then I borrowed her mediums for a while, this was about 16 mos ago and again the dipes were already about 7 mos old. No issues. Then, we bought more meds and some larges and they were crap. We had fit issues, the elastic was shot in them w/in 4 mos (the smalls still looked great even after 3 kids using them over a 15 month period). The newer ones are bad though, and I won't buy new from them because the quality (IMO) is poor.
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