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Re: Birth plans

To Maya and Sarah,

Each hospital/OB is different about what you are "allowed" or not. The hospital I previously worked at and delivered my 2 DD's there, you were only allowed ice chips, mandatory IV, once your water broke you were stuck in bed, you even had to use the bedpan! Really sucked!!!! The docs routinely did episotomies, etc. It was pretty old school but it was a small hospital and the OB staff didn't have power to change anything.

The hospital where I am now is much different and especially if you have a midwife you can prevent most of that stuff. IF you have GBS+, we may put a saline lock in for the antibiotics but not hook up IV fluids, you are encouraged to walk, we have jacuzzi tubs, etc

The important thing I think is talk with your OB/midwife and see what they say. If it is something REALLY important to you, go with research!! Find MEDICAL articles with the benefits of fluids during labor, etc.

Good luck!!
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