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Re: Birth plans

Originally Posted by myajdw
i'm kinda curious about the drinking fluids thing too, i was allowed to have water and juice and popsicles while i was in labor at memorial hospital in CO. this time i will be delivering at denton regional in TX. and i've heard a lot of hospitals don't allow any fluids but ice chips and this is just insane! and what about eating anything, is it really necessary that we eat NOTHING during labor?

They can tell you you can't eat/drink but that don't mean you have to listen.. lol They say that cause if you need an emergancy Csection they can get you back and not have to worry about you vomiting food.. Let the ice chips melt into water, get dh to sneak some juice in.. LOL I also ate crackers earlier on and my midwife just ignore me when she seen me chewing.. LOLOL The hospital I delivered at would also give you popcicles too.
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