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Re: Anyone else have a kiddo who visits an Ex?

well my parents 2 years ago drove to florida on vaction and my 12 year old borther was hurt pretty bad and broke his femur bone, well they kept waiting hoping he would feel up to the long ride back to ohio and finally they had to put him on a plane and fly him by himself back to ohio in a wheelchair. My mom was able to escort him to the flight and put him on the plane and get him settled. she then left him in the care of the flight attendents and started teh long drive home. He was met on this end by his baseball coach who was able to go to the gate and wait for the plane to be emptied then he went on and got my brother off of the plane and took him to his house.

This is a little different than what you are going through, but I would say if the arrangements for you to escort to the gate and him to meet her at the gate can be made then I would say it is fine.

Oh and just an FYI, make sure you know what is in your purse when you go through the check point, my mom almost got arrested because a couple of months earlier my youngest brother brought her a fire cracker that he had found and she tossed it in her purse and forgot about it. well she went trough check point and they found it took her in for questioning and all kinds of stuff. they finally let her go and said they were taking it away, and she was like that is fine, I ment to throw it away later when my son foind it.
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