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Re: DFW mamas

Originally Posted by tinyblackdot View Post
Yeha we were going to Dr. Ogomala (sp?) and were only seeing the NP, and after 3 months of no change, we left and now see Dr. Russo at Childrens. What a huge diffrence!

What reactions does your son have? Maddie gets really really bad bloody poop (sorry it thats TMI lol)
hey that was who we were seeing also

Daniel has luckly had the same reaction to each of the things that he has an intolerance to; really bad rash on checks, anal area, and also screams bloody murder about 30min afterwards; and if we are really lucky we get a very thick mucos episode about 1hr later or even a few minutes depending on the food/ how much.

oh and about the poo question; doesn't it become second nature to "investigate" each bm that they have. So definity not TMI for me. We actually have "laughable" conversations with Dr. Barth about them.
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