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Re: Just totally frustrated.. ugh

I've been like that all last week, today I just can't take it anymore!! I'm so, so grumpy. I'm really tired of this after a full week of being blah There are a couple of things getting to me at the moment, but I realized today there are a few I can control & if I can get them better I think it will lighten me up a bit soo....

1. Today I'm forcing myself to do a declutter spree today & tomorrow I'm calling the housecleaner - the mess around here is really getting me down.

2. Finish a project - hang up the pictures, shelves & curtains that have been stacked on the floor for 3 months waiting to be hung.

3. Taking dd to a fun music class or messy class so I feel like she's getting out & having fun instead of couped up with a grump

4. Get a haircut

5. Buy a couple nice shirts for me

6. Call a friend & get out for a visit to socialize - I think this is the biggest problem, I just need to hang out & have some fun!!!

7. Eat more fruit & drink more water, I've been dehydrated all week
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