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Unhappy Baby fever...I wish he'd get it!!!!!!

We had our DD #2 seven months ago and I am DIEING to have another baby! I had an IUD put in 3 months after I had Maddy (DD #2) and I asked my hubby if he would like to have another baby today. Well it was a point blank NO. I was hurt, angry, sad...all mixed together. I know it's only been 7 months and I am BFing Maddy....but I still have this deep desire to have another, KWIM? Am I crazy??? I mean am I pushing my luck to have 3 c-sections? I am straddling the fence a bit b/c of the unknown of having 3 kids. My oldest DD is 2.5 and then Maddy is our youngest. We TTC for 3 years before Emily (DD #1) and then 2 months with Maddy. I am just afraid it would take a while. I asked him if I could get the IUD out and then just not prevent and he said "sure you can get it out"...(toying with my emotions) "You just won't get any"... What is a mama to do???? I still have the fever and I really don't think I can convince him. When I asked him what his reasons were he said "because", when I asked "because why"....then he said "b/c he said so"....what am I? A child???? I mean really? That is a response I would give my 2 yr old!!! I guess this post is more of a vent than anything...I just wonder if there is anyone else going through this?
*sigh* *cry*....I dunno...maybe he's right....I still want another baby though.
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