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Re: Purging the closets. What do you do?

I like it here as we have a group called columbus buy sell or trade that I can sell stuff on. I put up a large box of womens clothes for $20 bucks and by the time she got here I had 3 boxes for her, I told her she could have 2 of the boxes but the one I had to ask more for as it was a lot of stuff that had tags still on it and was never worn and she took it for another $20. I have sold a mattress for $100 on there, my waterbed sold for $150, I have sold my swing, bouncer, and all kinds of other baby stuff on there and made a good amount of money. I tend to try to price things really cheap so that someone who doesn't have a lot can aford it.

you could see if you ahve something like that.
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