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Re: How many loads???

Well, I always wash in separate loads so things stay as nice as possible.

You can always wash your pockets together, regardless of the inner being fleece or suedecloth. I wash any fitteds, prefolds, hemp and microfiber all in the same load together. If the AIOs have a fleece or suedecloth inner, I'd go ahead and wash them with the pockets. If they have a cotton or hemp inner, I'd wash them with the inserts and fitteds.

I am also anal enough (can I say that here? ) that I was all of my sons fleece sleepers in a separate load too. But I don't mind the extra load. What... so it takes like 5 more minutes of my time to put things in and then switch them to the drier? It's not like I have to go to a luandromat and watch it while it washes or something. And I notice a BIG difference in how nice they stay. That's enough for me to justify the extra load. Especially after paying $15 or more per pocket dipe. I want it as soft as possible for as long as possible. But that's just my

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