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newborn clothes...what do I need to get?

I have a baby coming in May. I'm trying to keep my baby clutter down to a minimum.

I'm CD-ing (got my stash for that set up) with a view to part time EC-ing, so I have heard elsewhere it's better to not have onesies that do up at the bottom for instance.

Would anyone mind making me a little list of what I should get for her first couple of months? After that I can order stuff I like that works. I don't have any family here as we recently moved so I won't be getting baby shower stuff initially, so I will have to buy everything.

I saw some baby Kimono's with open bottoms that looked good for newborn-6 months here

Do these look like good value to you?

So for my list that I need help with
I was thinking of getting

2 x Those Kimono's
2-3 x side snap t-shirts
2-3 x pairs of pj type pants

Some socks, scratch mittens and gloves and recieving blankets, oh and a couple of hats.
NY gets pretty hot in the summer. So I won't need loads of heavy stuff.

Also if you have brands you can recommend... I hear things about some
being scratchy etc... plus I'm from the UK, so I'm not sure what is
available here in the USA in terms of nice quality at a reasonable price.

I will realistically be doing a clothes wash (not a diaper wash) every 4 days. I'm a SAHM so she can chug around in her nudeness a lot if she is happier that way.

Also if you have any of this kind of stuff you want to sell please ping me!

Thankyou SOOOOOO much!

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