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Re: People actually think this???

Originally Posted by silver View Post
Since when is a 15-month-old two years old?!

And what 2-year-old can pour their own milk from the fridge? Not mine...

our 3 1/2year don't pour his own milk...

i had a lady come at me when #1 was 4 1/2mos old and told me i was bad because i did not have him on a sippy cup and that i should not nurse him at night

being a young mommy i listed and had him using a sippy cup at 5mos old so i pumped for the next 5mos and putting the milk in a sippy ...felt a bit robbed of bonding with my son

as for teeth "Sooo many people thing teeth=weaning" wow my #2 would have been weaned at 4mos

before number 2 i thot it was odd to nurse after 11 or 12mos i would love to nurse at least to 18mos
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