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Re: How many loads???

This is in the category of not at all necessary but probably more of preference. Except in the case of new hemp or prefolds which always should be washed separately for 4 or so loads until the oil is out.

I separate my inserts from my pockets as we use them. Small hanging tote for the diapers and a large regular pail for the inserts. Really cuts down on smell too.

I wash all the inserts and wipes together in one load and sometime throw in the pail liner if I don't have a load of towels or something that's going to need a hot wash. (I have micro fiber, prefolds, hemp jersey, hemp fleece and combos that include burley cotton knit.) The ones that lint the most are definately the looser weave cottons. I just don't like a bunch of white pills on my dark fleece diapers, so I started doing this from the beginning. It's on Ruth's web site and I was clueless when I started so I thought if it works for a Mother of ten it should work for me.

Then I wash my pockets and AIO's in a separte load with the small hanging pail. Then hang to dry. Toss the AIO's in for the second dry cycle of JB's since they don't pill.

I wash my fleece jammies with out pockets sometimes or by themselves. If they are dark they work great with jeans (tight weave).

Good luck!
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