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Re: newborn clothes...what do I need to get?

Don't buy anything with snaps in the crotch, they are just pointless with the number of diaper changes. Really you need prefolds and wraps and t-shirt gowns until they are about 3-4 months. You can refold the prefolds when they are dry but have poop squirts so you don't have to wash dry diapers. You refold them to hide the poop squirt so another part of the diaper is against the babies skin. The t-shirt gowns are just really practical because you will be taking the diaper off a lot and pulling pants up and down is such a hassle. After about 3-4 months the poop squirts stop, usually the baby becomes a lot more reliable and you can switch to waterproof or non trainers that catch just one pee for the day and use your prefolds for nap and night. I also like using longies for nap and night and just putting the prefold in loosely since it doesn't need to contain an poop.

Have fun

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