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Even sposies didn't work LOL!

So last night we started DD in a FB with a Premium PF & MOE insert stuffed inside.

Shortly after putting her down she was crazy crying and screaming so DH changed her into a Sposie since that is all we have right now for night time.

Well we thought okay well at least she will sleep her 14 hours no problem now and we won't have to worry about her diaper since she was sleeping that long no problem in them before switching to CD's.

NOPE! At 2am DD was screaming and crying and just wouldn't settle herself back down so DH went in and her diaper was wet but not soaked or anything so he changed it again.

So it seems like our DD has just become VERY picky about feeling the wetness on her bottom, as soon as she goes if she can feel it she wants it off, and if you are too slow I have noticed that if she is wearing velcro cover or sposie she will just take the diaper off herself. LOL

So tonight I am going to try a Premium PF snappied with a preemie PF as a doubler and then the Jamtot's Hemp and Fleece doubler we have on hand from our loan kit as the layer against her skin.

Then I guess a BSWW over it all, we don't have any wool right now which is what I REALLY want to use for night.

Anyway I just thought it was funny that the sposie didn't even work and here I was all worried that I wouldn't be able to find a night CDing option and we would have to use sposies at night. Looks like they won't even work and DH agrees so YAY!!!
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