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Re: RME is safe/ legit. right?

Originally Posted by angeldelight View Post
Once its been arround for a good period of time i would sign up, im a great believer on trusting my instincts and my instincts say no
No offense, but the reason so many peoples' instinct say "no" is because most people are uncomfortable giving out their SSN online, and this puts up a red flag. I understand this concern, however, the site is secure, and like I said, I don't think AOL founder Ted Leonsis, former United States Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, former Charles Schwab CEO David Pottruck, and former MasterCard International President and CEO Russell Hogg are trying to steal my personal info. They are also "backed by Citi, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank." The "catch" to RME is that you can't pay with whatever credit card you want. If you want to pay by credit card, you apply for THEIR credit card and can pay thru it. That will be how they make their money.

So rest easy, your personal info is safe.
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