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Unhappy Feeling less than adequate (as a Mom) Re: P.A.T

Does anyone else do Parents as Teachers? I just had my first visit and while I am glad I called her, so I can know where my son should be, I sorta feel like a failure up to now She said he should already be saying mamamam, dadadada, babababab... so on, and he should be sitting up and scooting more... I didn't know what kind of exercises I could do with him, this is my first baby, DSS was almost two when DH & I met... I feel like I have failed my son so far Needless to say I'm going to be online a lot less... It's bad enough I am taking two courses on here right now, but I am going to be spending even more time with Gavin, not just playing and reading, but doing the exercises she showed me and what not... I felt like crying after she left!

If anyone else does P.A.T what have they "taught" you?

When did your child first sit on his own (pull himself up & all) when did he/she first crawl and walk?

Well he's napping for now so I'm going to do a lil research on some stuff... just wanted to see what others have to say about P.A.T... but the look on her face when I said he does not wave bye bye yet nor say mama or dada, broke my heart!
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