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4 mo old DS won't sleep? Nightmares? Teething?

This is the third day in a row where he hasn't slept much during the day & he's been sleeping badly at night.

Sunday & Monday both, he only slept a total of <2 hrs (2 naps that didn't last an hour) during the 13 - 14 hours that he was awake. Today he's only slept 50 mins. so far. And at night, he's been waking up every 2-3 hours for the last 2 nights. (I'm becoming sleep deprived, waking every 2 hours! )

For the past couple of months he's been a GREAT sleeper - 10 hours total at night, usually waking once around 5:30 or 6 AM, and 2 naps during the day (3 when he was younger), usually totalling 3.5-4 hrs.

I know sleep patterns change with time, but these last few days it just doesn't seem like he's getting enough sleep.... I "forced" him to have the second nap yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to get him to fall asleep, even though it was obvious that he was exhausted. And he's been SOOO cranky....

At the end of the second nap yesterday, he woke up **SCREAMING** like he was in agony or terrified or something. I've *never* heard anything remotely like it from him. I RUSHED in. He was physically OK but he (understandably) wouldn't go back to sleep after that. This morning's nap had a similar end... I was in the next room and he suddenly started crying very loudly. Not the same horrible screams as yesterday, but not your normal "I just woke up" cries either. Is he having nightmares?????

And to add to the mix: he's teething right now, which I know can disrupt sleep patterns... Both baby tylenol & Hyland's seem to have absolutely NO affect on him, although the tylenol worked great in the past....

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