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Re: Feeling less than adequate (as a Mom) Re: P.A.T

Well Sarah is 6 months, and she does not say mamama, dadada, bababa, she blabbers, but nothing the resembles anything, she pulls herself to standing if you hold her hands, and she rolls, but she does not sit, or try to crawl. And she is fine and dandy.
Don't beat yourself up. If you do tummy time, and talk with your child these things will come when they are ready. Was he "on time" a little early a little late at birth? All these are factors. You have another child in the home, that's a factor also. How much does Gavin have to try to do, before someone does it/says it for him? When you lay out toys, does someone always give it to him? These are not things that make you bad, or whatever, just a part of it. Healthy and happy come first. These milestones are not set in stone. A little work on the exercises and you may be surprised how quickly he picks stuff up.
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