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Re: Pacifying! Can someone help me??

Sorry I asked that question and then didn't follow it up when you answered! Anyways, the reason I asked that is because my DS had that problem until he was about 5 or 6 months old. They want it, its just that for some reason they can't keep it in their mouth. Maybe its that tongue reflex like that other mama said. Either way I had to hold it in his mouth for those first 5/6 months! He just kept accidently spitting out, which led to me having an insane amount of NUKs so I wouldn't have to wash it every time! I also kept it on one of those paci holders in the later months, when it was just a once it a while thing. (he slowly learned how to keep it in his mouth increasingly longer) Its hard to catch those things when they just fly out at random! However, later on after he didn't have that problem anymore, I read that if you actually tug on the paci lightly while he's sucking on it, he'll suck on it harder and it'll teach him how to keep it in his mouth. I think it was from that "happiest baby on the block" book. I didn't try it though, so good luck! I really don't think he's rejecting the pacifier though, just not too good at it yet!
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