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Re: My Butt hurts

Originally Posted by Shannon
I always sleep with my body pillow...Dh is so jealous of it
MY DH hated mine w/ my first pregnancy. He would say, "Is he sleeping between us again tonight?" I always tried to keep the pillow on the side of the bed but eventually I had to rollover, and brought the pillow with me. LOL

I can't remember which is good for sciatica, but all are good to help w/ posture and may help relieve some of the pain. I found these directions in "What to expect when you are expecting," starting pg 190 but my Dr basically told me to do the same exercises to help w/ back pain.

Pelvic tilt
Stand w/ back against wall. As you inhale press the small of your back against the wall.

Cat stretch (Dromedary Droop)
Get on hands and knees, w/ back in naturally relaxed position, keep you head and neck in line w/ spine. Then hump your back tightening your abdomin and buttocks, allow your head to drop down.

Stretch (Tailor sit, stretch)
Sit cross legged on the floor, ie indian style or criss cross applesauce (can you tell I have a preschooler, LOL) Reach toward the ceiling w/ both hands, then stretch higher w/ one and then the other. Do not bounce. 10 times on each side.
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