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Re: Im in shock (death post-a lil on topic)

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox
i feel really sad for steve and his family, my heart is just breaking over this tragedy

to the pp, what the other mama is saying is that he is an educater first~~ NOT an entertainer risking his life for nothing, just as the military risks their lives doing there job as well..
steve irwin is an awesome man and person and i don't think his love for his job should be made out to be a" well thats what he gets' sort of thing, he was a great person and GREAT educater to those that actually watched and followed his lessons
I must have misunderstood her. It seemed to me when I read it that she was disagreeing and putting them in the same catagory in response to my post. I feel he was an educator but also an entertainer. That's what TV is all about. I'm not sure if your comment was directed toward me but just wanted to clarify I never took the "that's what he gets" stand. Not one bit. I am very sad for his family. I'm in shock that with all the danger surrounding him on many missions, he ended up passing in such a freak accident.
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