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Re: Im in shock (death post-a lil on topic)

Originally Posted by urchin_grey
It was his son that he was holding. Not that I agree with what he did either, but he didn't hold the baby out for the croc or anything... he fed a chicken to the crocodile while holding the baby.

I think most people think of it that way because the media was equating it to Michael Jackson holding his baby over the balcony.

And no offense to you zoocrew, but your son doesn't understand how docile sting rays are. You can poke them, pet them, swim with them, etc. There have been 17 recorded sting ray deaths IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER. And to the mama who said he was playing russian roulette with his life and lost, even if you want to look at his interaction with deadly/dangerous animals as russian roulette, he wouldn't have been playing when he died.

but alas, this will be the last time i post on a thread about this poor guy! i'm having croc hunter overload.
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