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Re: Im in shock (death post-a lil on topic)

Originally Posted by momovthree
Being deployed is completely different IMO.

This guy's job was as an entertainer, I wouldn't put the military in a catagory with entertainers.

I am a HUGE animal lover myself. and I love to learn about animals. I have Learned TON buy wtching his shows.

I feel he was alot more than an entertainer. He was a conservationist, eductator, and he has a pure love for theanimal he workedwith, AND his family.

ETA. Getting killed by a stng ray is a FREAK accident. I know when he was taping a show aobut the killers of the sea, he didnt feel a stingray was one of them.
Had he been killed by a crock, maybe that would have been less of a freak accident. BUT no less of a tragedy....
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