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Re: Need recipes for kids

Thanks everyone! These are great ideas...I'm passing them on to the teacher. Anybody have a good recipe for those no-bake oatmeal cookies (I think that's what they are...that's the texture anyway!) The kids LOVE to cook and it's such a great lesson for them in so many ways. Last week we did "Muffins for mom" and made homemade muffins on Thursday and then invited all the moms and grandmas to visit the class on Friday morning for muffins, yogurt, fruit salad and to observe the work cycle. We generally do "culture day" where each family brings a dish from their culture to share with the class but the kids were so proud of making breakfast for their mothers. We're trying to plan something for the dads next month but all I can come up with is "donuts for dad" and we want something helathier than that!
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