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Re: Pacifying! Can someone help me??

Babies who've never had paci's before (nb and older) will spit it out no matter what you give them. Here's the trick.........

hold it in. LOL I know it seems simple and dumb but it's true! Both my kids were just like yours. It'a totally different sensation so they can't get a "grasp" on it. LOL I just held it in and cuddled them really close and once they were sucking really good on it I let go but kept them close to me. When they spit it out I'd do it again. I didn't always have to hold them close but did at first. It will take several days of this btw. LOL Just get used to holding it for a bit each time!

Those saucer paci's ppl get at hospitals (green and look like a circle) are supposed to be the BEST but the hospital I went to when I had my ds didn't have them. They gave me a green one but it wasn't the round ones. LOL

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