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Re: Im in shock (death post-a lil on topic)

Originally Posted by nothing_butt_cloth
I am a HUGE animal lover myself. and I love to learn about animals. I have Learned TON buy wtching his shows.

I feel he was alot more than an entertainer. He was a conservationist, eductator, and he has a pure love for theanimal he workedwith, AND his family.

ETA. Getting killed by a stng ray is a FREAK accident. I know when he was taping a show aobut the killers of the sea, he didnt feel a stingray was one of them.
Had he been killed by a crock, maybe that would have been less of a freak accident. BUT no less of a tragedy....
I agree with you 100%. And I'm a huge animal lover myself. Maybe I should have clarified my post. I don't feel his job was all about entertainment, he made a big difference in the animal world. I'm sure it wasn't easy for him when he received so much resistance from people just wanting to "do away with" these animals.

Saying he was an entertainer was in response to the comment about the military. They have a dangerous job in common sure but a job in the military isn't about being on TV and with Steve's job that was a big part of it. I just wasn't understanding how people were putting the two together. Apples and oranges if you ask me.

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