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Do you make your own baby food? Convince me I can.

So...ds is 5 months and we decided to wait until at least 6 months for starting solids. At any rate, he was acting like a psycho at mealtimes (screaming in the highchair, opening his mouth, following our utensils, grabbing food), so I caved and made him a little rice cereal. He ate it and acted like he was having a religious experience. So we have been doing a serving of rice cereal every day, sometimes with a little mashed banana. I know we will have to expand eventually, but sometimes I am so darn tired, I don't know if I want to make baby food. The little jars all lined up are just so tempting. And between the CD'ing, working, and all the other stuff, do I have time to do it? No rush here, I am going to be doing the cereal thing until 6 months before branching out. Any good websites/books you can recommend? It just has to be QUICK and EASY! Thanks!
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