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Re: OCD and kids

What are the OCD tendencies that the teacher pointed out?

If you pursue tx privately, you want a child psychologist preferrably by reference from a pediatrician or some other professional who you really, really trust. I cannot emphasize this enough. And be specific about a PSYCHOLOGIST rather than a PSYCHIATRIST. One is a PhD and one is an MD (Unless you luck up and find one with both). Not always, but usually, a psychologist is much more trained in behavior modification and psychological development and a psychiatrist uses more of a medical model, hence their ability to rx meds. In the event that you ever needed medical intervention (ex meds), I still encourage you to work with a psychologist and an MD in tandem.

I know that dx like global speech delays and generalized social anxiety can be very vague and scary. Rest assured that with tx speech delays are turned COMPLETELY around in the vast majority of children. And in regards to generalized social anxiety, we see a similar picture with children and adults provided they are tx properly, most respond very well. IF that is a correct dx, it is one that as he gets older, he will become better equipped at managing. And well-managed he may not be the biggest social butterfly, but he most likely won't be the biggest wall flower either.

By seeking intervention and being open and involved, you are giving him invaluable advantages. Make sure to stay educated yourself so that you can be critical (in a good way) of your healthcare.

Good luck, mama.
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