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Re: Do you make your own baby food? Convince me I can.

I make my daughter baby food. It is so easy. I am not a good cook by any means. I hardly cook for us...LOL. Baby food is so easy. So far I just do the basic things. Mainly you boil or steam (steaming is healthier leaves more vitamins) the fruit or vegetables then mash or puree them. That's it! For example I buy a few pears. Peel them and cut out the seeds. Steam them for a few mintues until they are soft. I put mine in a food processor, but I could easily mash them. I then add the water (or you can use breastmilk) I was using to steam them with and make it whatever consistency I like with the water. I make up a lot at a time. I pour them in old baby food jars and freeze them. Whenever she's ready to eat I just pull one out of the freezer and warm it up for her to eat. If I make one big batch it can last me up to a month. So it doesnt take up much time.

The food processor comes in handy when dealing with vegetables like green beans. This way you can get them really smooth.

Another option on freezing them is spooning the food into ice cube trays and freezing it. Then pop them out of the tray and throw them all in a freezer bag. When they get hungry just pop a cube out and thaw it out for them to eat. Once you try it you will never want to use canned food again!

Here is a great website. Some of their stuff is more advanced. So far I just use the plain fruit or vegetables.

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