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Re: ECing a newborn

I don't have experience with EC'ing a boy. But I EC'd my DD since she was a newborn (now 11 months old, and almost a graduate!). I held her over the potty any time I needed to change her anyway, while we learned to understand each other. She was great at eliminating over the potty immediately. I did, however, have her in diapers full time (just in case!) until she was 2 months old. Since then, I only ever put her in an infant-sized prefold snugged into a diaper belt. Occasionally, I put her in tiny trainers. But they're currently more trouble than they're worth -- and that wasn't your question.

I also held her over the potty during nursing. And I pottied her before and after every nap. (Still do that - and also once before bed and as soon as she wakes in the morning.)

I think the best advice with EC is to take a relaxed approach with your newborn. Get to know each other, and don't pressure yourself (OR HIM!) with high potty expectations. Take it one day at a time, and know that you'll have "on" days and "off" days, and remember that the most important part is the communication, not necessarily the business in the potty. (Although zero poopy diapers when your friends don't believe in EC and are constantly dealing with stinky diaper disposal systems is pretty gratifying.)

Good luck to you! (Rest, relax and enjoy your newborn days!)
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