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Re: Fitteds for Ecing

I have used tiny trainers on and off on my now-11 month old DD. And we've been EC'ing since birth. Until they can walk, I feel trainers are far more trouble than they're worth. It's hard to get a GOOD fit (regardless of the supposed size recommendations), and they typically have very little absorbency, which means that if you have a big wet miss, you have a big wet mess (all down the legs - I speak from experience). I think our favorite option has been an infant sized prefold in a diaper belt. You can always tell immediately when wet, and super easy on/off. I hear that once your DC outgrows the infant in terms of good fit through the rise (as my DD now has done), since Premiums are ridiculously big, fitteds are a great way to go. (I am also concerned with wetness detection in a fitted and am trying to find something more like a prefitted sans doubler for that.)

Also - my experience with tiny trainers that have a wetness barrier (not waterproof, just leak protection) like taslene and PUL hidden within, is that these leak even more than if they did not have that barrier included. Without the barrier, the trainer will absorb more of the liquid without leaking down baby's legs.

The best fit in a tiny cloth trainer (and one of the cheapest) is Bright Bots. Very true to size. The smaller sizes of Shi Shi Nix and Eco Nix, however, are also relatively good fits. And the Shi Shi Nix and Eco Nix are also VERY absorbent (and take forever to line-dry!).

The best non-waterproofed trainer we've tried is, hands down, the Little Beetle Learner.

Your DC is probably still much too small for just about any of these options, however. I would encourage you to just get a bunch of infant prefolds and a diaper belt. Works great for when you want that bum covered, just in case. (And in our experience, the unbleached indian cotton prefold is AWESOME -- trim, absorbent, washes/dries awesome, super soft once it's prepped, holds up forever -- we only own 8, so I have to wash them just about every other day, and they're still in fabulous condition -- super cheap ... it can't be beat! Much nicer than the hemp prefolds we had.)
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